3d Art is Code created by Roman was created Block Story Animation

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Wizard with head jack o lighter Happy Halloween

Sign says labeled there was ted there's table Book Gravity Falls

Electric Dragon eaten Ted

Beach with sun

Ted with Dragon pet fight on Dragon lord

Ted sank escapes by sharks

Sun lighting in Beach

Pumpkin today model halloween

Ted like chairman on Home

Ted fixed Boat let's swimming

Furnace lighting when on fire

Ted wants rescue John on Ender Dragon

Wizard fight with Green Dragon

The wizard decided to come in contact, and also decided to visit the official group Block Story.

Ted collect steals coconut

Cinema 4d New face Ted

Dragon burns ted runs away

Today fall of ted while sleep

Area comes Winter

Gifts by Block Story want wait New Year

Winter coming Green Dragon changes Color Green on Blue

Hello World created by Cinema 4d or blender

Paula Wait Guests Ted Aaron and Wizard stuck

Ted throws Snowball on Aaron

Ted wanted open Gift like Wizard Suddenly Happy New Year

Bomb Explosive

Enchanter came Extinguishes Fire on House wanted Rescue Ted where House Furniture this House Furniture was Destroyed

Devil Potion Alchemist

Shadow Hunter on Theory Secret

Ted Makes Cooked Cake

Ship sees Tower

Goblin hey white Spine Ted is funny

Goblin wanted make new Auto Car

Skeleton sits on Jungle

Ted plays Guitar

Ted fries Wood for creator from Good House

Ted Collect Apple Aaron Defends Dragon

Tank wants destroy City

House in Skyland

UFO flying Desert Moon Walk

Player sees Spiderman this New Pet

Campfire Burns Picture

Wanted starting Halloween not scared eyes Ted

Ted Placed Christmas tree Happy New Year

Golden Dog in Happy New Year of 2018

Cheshire Cat when Eats Player with Soul

Aaron on Dragon fight Bats

Aaron defeated Dyllen

Giggles in Real Life City

Late your speak before speaking

Ted on Spaceship Aaron with Great White

Goodbye Summer

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In 2024 However in Game will added new Pet and Boss Called Cute Man

At Age 12 Dragon Rider rides Dragon


Young Dragon sleeping Shadow Hunter age in 23 However Paula he's 16 Years old Ted against Aaron Wizard Sits in Airplane when Seen Adult Player


Adult Dragon and Dragon Rider vs Dragon Lord

TxJV31QJ d8

Alexander Provector as a 14 Years old with Baby Electric Dragon


Poster with Features Ted Aaron Paula Shadow Hunter Goblin Wizard Alexander Provector Dragons Pets and Boy Dragon Rider


Dragon pet is sad what Dragon Rider Passed away in 1998 at age 95


Young Dragon Rider with Pet Ashkore


15 years old Dragon Rider when Pets Leveling Up 50 Level


Dragon Rider with aged 14 and with Cat


Dragon Rider and Pet Dragon defends Dragon Lord notice what Enchanter Disappeared