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Block Story (Originally Named Blocksters Minebuilder and Tmskybox) is a role-playing video game created by Mind Blocks. In it, there are creatures that are helpful or hurtful. Some helpful creatures give you quests that you can complete. When you complete them, the requesters give you prizes. You can also build anything you can imagine! Endless worlds and many biomes will keep you exploring for hours!

As of in January 30 2012 mindblocks released pictures upcoming role playing game Block Story set of release in March on April 2012 Game come out in Worldwide on Google Play

In October 15 2011 Developer Paul Pacheco claimed released teaser gameplay

In December 24 2018 Head Hunter confirms Will be Shut down game in July 31st 2021 on iOS or iPhone will be final Update will be confirmed on Android and iOS Release in 2020



Releases Edit

Originally planned Block Story released only May 2011 later pushed back May 27 2012

Cut in game Edit

Originally Ice Dragon Pet should added 12.0.5

Rip Christmas Theme

Removed Items in Game

About the GameEdit

"If you love sand box, role playing, dragon action games, Block Story is a must buy for you. Explore and build in ten expansive ecosystems where you can summon five different creatures to join you in combat. Level up, grow stronger and battle on. Cross platform compatibility also allows you to save your PC game and continue playing Block Story on our mobile versions when you are on the go." [1]

Developing Edit

You Kidding me?

Alexander Provector

What's that to you face?

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To you My Face

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Wait Block Story Update?

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Update Releasing only Holiday Seasons 2018

Paul Pacheco

Are Twelve Version game Made were Twelve!!!

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Waiting Update!

Block Story 12.1.2 Final Trailer

Originally Big Names game Blocksters Minebuilder and Tmskybox offered instead Block Story

On October 2011 Used Unity added Water and Cave on Several Months not Added Hell

On December 2011 announced Mobs Quests

Features [1]Edit

  • One of the top role playing games for mobile and PC
  • One of the top mobile and PC block building games
  • One of the top dragon action games for PC
  • Ten expansive ecosystems to build in and explore
  • Summon five different creatures to join you in combat
  • Fantasy/middle ages art style
  • Level up, grow stronger and battle on
  • Hours of quest game play and fun
  • MOGA mobile enhanced controller support


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Trivia Edit

In February 2012 from 6 Years ago Mindblocks released Work in Progress Named Minebuilders

Only Games are Made uses Paul Pacheco Developer Uses Shield Logo and Uses First Person Shooter

Ted originally named Faks later renamed ted

Shadow Hunter originally named Trader

Aaron originally named King Ian

Wizard originally named Gandalf

Spider originally Named Dweller Spider

Red Leaves originally named Hellish Tree

Pickaxe originally named Dig in game files

Stone originally named Rock

Wood originally named Bark

Sea Life originally Quest named Fishy Quest

Trouble with Monster originally named Problems with Night

Tutorial originally named Origins

Hardcore originally Named Cruel

Dragon Master originally named Survive with Monsters

Baby Dragon originally named Dragons of Masters

Viking Introduction originally named Trainer of Ted

Working Metal Originally named Irons and Gold

City Construction Originally named Builder of House

Meat originally named Bacon

Fried Meat Originally named cooked Bacon

Fried Fishes originally named Cooked Salmon

Dragon Lord originally named Lost of Dragons

Dragon Trainer Originally named Trainer

Warrior Defense Originally named Armors and Hammers

Stalking Caim Originally named Vikings Friend

Warrior Offense Originally named Lord of Warrior

Goblin Secret originally named Stalking of Armors

Final Training Originally named Growing Up Dragon

Final Battle Originally named Final Defeat

Final Battle Dialogue Originally Named Final Defeat Dialogue

Dragon Hunting Originally named Training with Dragon

Scary Giant Originally named Terrible Giant

Lightning Struck Originally named Pet Ashkore


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