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Cheating In GeneralEdit

Cheating is a act in which you modify your game play for better or for worse (usually better) with third party software, in a way the developer did note intend.

Cheat EngineEdit

Cheat Engine [2] is a piece of software that scans your ram segments for individual values with the intent of changing them. With this software you could do anything from changing your coordinates, adding levels, adding items, and more.

Other tutorials will be coming soon, otherwise you can go to the CE Forums [3]

Guide On Cheating In BlockStoryEdit

To cheat follow steps 1 through 3 to start, then scroll down to the desired type of cheating you wish to do.

1. Download and install Cheat Engine Here From the official site.

2. Start Block Story & Cheat Engine

3. In Cheat Engine select the game from the program list
CE T 1
CE T 2

Cheating in ItemsEdit

1. (In Block Story) Get at least 3-4 of the item you want to dupe (like skill points or dirt)

2. Go to cheat engine, Make sure the value type is at 4 bytes

3. Set the scan type to exact value.

4. (In CheatEngine) In the "Value" field, enter the number you have now (example 6 dirt) and click "First Scan"

5. (In Block Story) Move/Drop/Use that item to change it's value (I moved 2 to change the value to 4)

6. (In CheatEngine) Enter the new value in "Value" and click "Next Scan" (example, 4). If more than 1 result is in the left box, keep going, otherwise skip to step 12 below

7. (In Block Story) Move/Drop/Use that item to change it's value again (moved 2 more)

8. (In CheatEngine) Enter the new value in "Value" again and click "Next Scan" (Example 2). After clicking "Next Scan" you can see I only have 1 value with a unit of "2". Now time to edit (skip to step 10 if you only have 1)

9. ...Repeat 5-8 until you get 1 value in Cheat Engine left

10. You should be left with only one value, double click it.

11. Go to the manipulating values section of this tutorial

Manipulating ValuesEdit

You should have your address in the bottom half of the cheat engine screen by now, make sure you know which one it is.

Suggestion: Double click on the "No description" and type what it is.

1. (In CheatEngine) Edit the value on the left (right click the value and select "change value of selected address), change it to 99999999 and click OK. You should now have 999999 of that item/skill...

2. (In Block Story) Now change it again and watch that number JUMP!!!

Some of this tutorial was written by The Immortal One [4]