Dark BOSS is a One from Strongest Bosses in Game

Completing Quest it gives the source of life and Wizard In the Old Version of the quest for his murder gives a skeleton Talky.


The Dark BOSS is a boss creature found in the Underworld (Or HELL.) It has a very small agro range and whenever it isn't wandering, then it's dancing. The Dark BOSS looks like a giant Skeleton warrior, having a sword, shield, and helmet. Considerably strong, I wouldn't recommend new players rushing in to fight it.

Dark Boss Like Look Giant Version Dark Knight With Horn Helmet and Big Shield


  • Bone Shields
  • Skeleton Helmets
  • Bones
  • Buckets(For whatever reason there is)
  • Teleporters (I got a bunch of these by killing it over and over.)
  • Fireworks

Triviaa Edit

Originally Dark BOSS hasn't Boss