Appearance when held.

Dark Magic is a magic weapon that when used on dark/undead creatures, it heals them. Dark Magic has 30 durability.

It costs 30 Mana to use.

Effects Edit

At base stats, it deals 25 Dark Damage and 5 Dark Damage over a period of 5 seconds. With each additional point in the Magic Damage skill, its effect also increases.

To use, click/tap and hold on a creature until it casts.

Crafting Edit

Its recipe is unlocked by completing the achievement "Necromancy" which requires killing 100 Dark Mages.

Dark Magic is made in the Crafting Table using 5 Rubies and 2 Sticks.

Alternatively, it may be purchased for 45 Diamonds.

Trivia Edit

  • When using Dark Magic, the target is engulfed in dark smoke, accompanied by revolving skulls and bones.
  • Its opposite is Life Magic which deals damage to dark/undead creatures.
  • Dark Magic produces a faint blue light when held.
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