Stupid Pawn with have Dragon Ice Dragon and Electric Dragon you be make became Power for Dragon Lord!

Completing Quest Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord is a Final Boss from Block Story appears Final Quests and Last Revenger defeats Dragon Lord when Boss with 100 similar Mati Wizard and his All Dragons become Dragon Lord Paula speaks Player Growning Up Pet Dragon First

Two Magician Wizard is regular finds out when Player sees Pet Dragon defeats Dragon Lord and die Dragon Lord dies Player beat and defeated speaks Paula who defeated and Overpowered with Player and Dragon Pet killed Dragon Lord


When Appears in Final Quests He is the second most powerful mob in Block Story,whom seeks to rule over Block Story. His soul is connected to the three dragons: Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon and the Ashkore . He terrorized the people by sending the dragons to destroy their homes and anyone who stands in his way ,(WARNING SPOILERS ) the Dragons did not wish to be ordered around and left him. He at first disguises himself as a helpless old man, tricking the player to recapture the dragons and becomes more powerful than he ever was.

Player speaks Paula growing up Baby Dragon and Paula said was growned Dragon with 50 Level Player speaks Wizard there's Blue Dragon Red Dragon Yellow Dragon and Green Dragon Wizard has becamed Dragon Lord summons Ice Dragon, Dragon, Electric Dragon, When Player sees Dragon Pet defeats Dragon lord and die when Player defeated Dragon Lord Quest was ended speaks Paula who Defeated

Tips Edit

Dragon Lord quests unlocks after killed Deers with Shadow Hunter Speak Wizard can be Dragon Pet growns with 25 level speaks Paula when training Pet Dragon Wizard speaks Aaron when Gives Armors Aaron defeats Aragog Catching Ice Dragon Wizard wanted killed Skeletons catch Dragon Kill Eagles and Aliens are catch Electric Dragon Paula Final Training Dragon Pet Grown up with 50 Level will ends Wizard his Reptiles Wear Dragon Skin Player watches Dragon Pet defeats with Dragon Lord and die Player defeats Dragon and killed was win you win Paula defeated Dragon Lord World Saves

Can Find Anywhere appears in biomes when Appears Final Quests

Appearance Edit

His Magician sits neck dragon when does not throw this Wizard just likes Regular Wizard

Green Dragon not Meet in game


Abilities : Flying, Breathing lightning, (and other elements)

Level : 100

Drops : Destroyer, Replecator, Skulls, Electrite, Dragon Heart.

Location : Takes the Wizard's place (spawns) when a certain quest is available.

Health : 8200+ Edit

Magic : Dark Magic (which heals him), lightning.

Attack Strategy: Flies near the player, breathing out the elements above to attack when close enough (?).

Trivia Edit

Despite Dragon Green Through not Meeting Ice Dragon Changed Color with Blue on Green with Back Wizard with Expect First Strongest Does not Drop Wizard not releasing

Spoilers Edit

WARNING! Can be will be Careful

Wizard sits on Dragon when Appears Final Quests his Two Magician Have 8200 Health than Regular Wizard