Welcome to the desert!Edit

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-45-59

Your new home in the desert!

A goblin burrow,where mr.goblin blues and baby goblin dwells. They are not as magnificent as the human neighbourhood but it is still cozy enough to call home. Let's take a look inside!


Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-46-37

Ugh,its dark! ...hmmm,interesting!

It seems those cheapskate goblins can't even afford a door...nonetheless a bed for sleeping! But,it has two bookshelves and a crafting table inside which is kinda handy for you to craft additional furnitures especially a torch and a door for your proctection. One can call a home if there's a bed,a door,and a light.

What about it?Edit

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Make yourself home!

In the desert,especially at night it is cold and dangerous with these tigers and big and small worms roaming about. So go find a goblin burrow,claim it as your own by building a door and a chest inside it to keep your belongings,then go to sleep or furnish it. You can even build a farm outside the house(In which I'll teach you all in a seperate page for it) to make it look more beautiful and not starving at night. Don't worry,these goblins can't even fit in one of these burrows so you can just go inside of these burrows at anytime you want. Whats more is that you won't feel lonely anymore as these goblins and other townies will walk around and help you to kill hostile mobs at night.


Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-47-07

The sand version of goblin dwellings.

I am very sure that almost everyone who ventured into the desert area will stumble upon the sand version of these goblin dwellings. In the picture,I modified it so it will have a balcony,a bed,fence,door,lightsource inside and other tools inside. I believe that you can do it too. What limits you is your materials to build stuffs.