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Hugo Square is a NPC from Block Story his brother Yeti South

He's There's Baby Hugo

Quests in Old Versions Edit

Quest does not Opened from Beginning Scene Ted Speak Player Give Letter Player speaks Hugo Square is scared by Giant Spider Creature called Aragog

  • Hugo afraid Spiders Part 1: Kill Spiders and Collect spider web then kill aragog when player fights
  • Hugo afraid Spiders Part 2: Player collect eye of spiders when scares player run of hugo speak Yeti

Quests Edit

Quest opened Beginning Scene Player Speaks Hugo afraid Dragon Called Ashkore

Collect Five Electric

Trivia Edit

His Brother Yeti later Named Yeti South

Very Similar Cave Human

Hugo Square afraid Aragog Easter egg Like from French Film The Bear, L'ours in French When Kodiak Bear Scares Tom

It's Unknown Hugo Square adding from Future Updates in Cubica or not