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A Ice Dragon.

Quest Completing Gives Wizard Yeti in old Versions and Aaron


There are tales and rumors of a lost beautiful subspecies of dragons living in highest peaks of the snowy mountains. These dragons hearts are hardened against most weakness, and their breath leaves a trail of bitter cold ice. They are tougher than their fire relatives in health and damage, and almost boss status. When hiking in the tundra, if you spot one of these things RUN!!(unless your dragon is lvl. 30 or higher) If you dont have a pet that will fight for you, try to get it stuck behind a tree, then range it with a gun or bow. Just like the other dragons, when the ice dragon is stuck it turns from powerful to weaker than a white raven. [1] However, in the iOS version, you can use spawners for NPC's, such as Ted or Aaron, to fight the dragon.

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The Ice Dragon is a mini-boss found in the frozen parts of the world. It is the weakest compared to its brethren the Dragon (Found in HELL) and Ashkore (Found in Sky Islands.) This dragon is capable of breathing ice. It most commonly does a 'hit and run tactic' where it will fly down at the player and either bite or breathe on them before flying away. It can also land and swipe at the player, doing more damage because it isn't fleeing.


Found in the Tundra most commonly at night.


Dragon Heart

Dragon Scale


Crystal Sword (Rare)

Saw Shield (Rare)