Super Phenomenal!Edit


I...uh don't even know what to say about this...

A oval or circle appeared out of the desert area,near the goblins cottages and its made out of hot brimming lava rocks. This phenomenon is unclear whether its intended to be something in game or its just coincidence of rocks forming together. It makes me wonder...hmm...just like the stonehenge,it does not give a HORA-HORA in your gameplay. So,you can mine it,make it into a epic wizard/witch tower,build a house next to it or just destroy it. Nobody will get angry at you for that.

Can it be...!?Edit

No! I teleported to this circle at night and observed it when creating a goblin community in the desert. Nothing out of the ordinary. No visitors(green alien like thingy which jumps and teleports around) can be found here. Its just a piece of art. If you saw this circle or something similar,congratulations! I've taken noticed of it and created it's very own page here!


Name thy silly and crazy theories in the comments section if you have any. I am very sure that there are alot notions that can suprise even a dragon.