Life Magic Held

Appearance when held.

Life Magic is a magic weapon that heals the player, their pets and other living mobs. When used on dark/undead mobs like Skeletons, it will instead deal damage to them. Life Magic has 50 durability.

It costs 25 Mana to use.

Effects Edit

At base stats, it restores 25 health points. With each additional point in the Magic Damage skill, its effect also increases.

It produces a small green glow when held.

To use, click/tap and hold on a creature until it casts.

Crafting Edit

Its recipe is unlocked by completing one of the Wizard's quests.

Life Magic is made in the Crafting Table using 5 Cryptonite and 2 Sticks.

Obtaining Edit

Aside from crafting, Life Magic may be obtained by:

Tips Edit

  • Life Magic is one of the fastest ways to heal, capable of being used repeatedly in quick succession. This effect is amplified if the player has a lot of points in Magic Damage. This only applies when being used to heal the player and not other creatures or pets.

Trivia Edit

  • When using Life Magic on something, it will be surrounded by three-leaved clovers and green light.
  • The Visitors take 5x more damage from the effect.
  • Its opposite is Dark Magic which heals dark/undead and damages light/living creatures.
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