Aggressive NPCEdit

GWS Attacking

Great White Shark attacking a StingRay

Aggressive NPC will have a red name tag above them. [1] Aggressive NPC attack any passive mobs [2] and attack the player if they are in range.Aggressive NPC will mostly appear in nighttime or dark places like caves. They will chase anything passive,neutral and the player.

Characters Aggressive NPC Edit

Baby Bear - Looks small Variant Black Bear

Small Worm - Worm in old version called Baby Giggles now replaced Small Worm and Much Stronger

Baby Grizzly - Small Mobs Have Much Stronger in old Versions Was Health Much Stronger

Baby Polar Bear - Small Mobs have no Lot Health in old versions Was Much Stronger

Barlog - Demon one of Strongest Aggresive NPC

Basilisk - Weak Version Snake have Much Levels and Health in old Versions was much Stronger

Black Bear - Regular on Hunt find out in Forest

Dark Big Worm - The strongest version of the Earth Worm family.

Dark Knight - Have Much Health and Damage in old versions Was Much Stronger

Dark Mage - Skeleton when dance destroy quest give Skeleton Talky in old Versions and Wizard

Dark Worm - The second highest power of the Earth Worm family.

Dark Slasher - Similar Skeleton Talky arm holds Shield Hand uses Spear instead Small Sword

Dark Werewolf - Stronger Version than Regular Werewolf

Dragon - one of World Dragon in game Can Spewing Fire on Mouth

Dragon Bat - Similar Bat on head Dragon in old versions was stronger

Werewolf - When this Evil Mob was Simple Warrior

Big Worm - One of Stronger Mobs in game old Versions was Stronger was replaced Big Worn

Grizzly Bear - Regular on Hunt Starting he's

Ice Dragon - Have Much Stronger looks like Ice Version Dragon Destroy Quest give Wizard Yeti in Old Versions and Aaron

Ice Elemental - One of Much Stronger Mobs looks like Ice Version Source of Life destroy quest give Source of life in Old Versions and Wizard


Neutral mobs will have a yellow name tag above them. They will not attack anyone unless someone provoked them(attacked them). They will automatically chase down and attack hostile mobs on range.(No matter if the hostile mobs attacked them or not,neutral mobs will always attack them.) [3]


Passive mobs will have a green name tag above them. [4] Passive mobs will not attack you no matter what you do.Passive mobs almost always spawn during the day and spawn rarely in night.(unless there are spawners placed duh!) [5]

Trivia Edit

Before 10.4.1 Update All Mobs Gets damaged on fall when Mobs fall does not crashed

In 10.4.1 Update Mobs gets Damage on Fall

Drop with Monsters when Player deal 25% damages

During 6.0.1 Update Mobs can attack each other

During 6.0.4 Versions Neutral Mob can Attack Aragog


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