Moria was biome from Game Block Story removed

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End of Moria


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Digging through a deep tunnel, made with Explorer are there's caves 

This biom was the floors of the forgotten Stone, when had appeared Goblin Warrior finds times hell and there's skeleton and demons are Moria Meet with Barlog 

This biom is always half-dark, and to see in it anything can be only by means of any tool for illumination. In the stone ceiling above the first floor of Moria it was possible to see multicolored lights of ores. 

The floors were at different heights. To get to the bottom, it was necessary to find an opening in the floor and go down. 

Moria led Blanks to hell, sometimes thanks to the generator of the world it was possible to see a merger of these two bioms when Moria goes to hell. 

Biome Moria was Removed in New Versions 

Trivia Edit

Player confused with Underground prison this Underground Prison Builder in game is not Moria! Moria was removed


You can find Old Forgotten Stone and Forgotten Stone there (hence the idea that it was forgotten) as well as Lantern blocks, Skulls and spawners for Goblin Warriors.