Mysteries Ideas is a Review from Block Story still idea add

Earthquakes Edit

Can Run not Jump Earthquake happens home not Crushed Blocks

Abandoned Structures Edit

there tons of Abandoned Structures that player like an abandoned tower on desert an Abandoned Beach House Abandoned ships and igloos

Sky Edit

Sky will see Sun and Moon that Planet flying around but see if our world soon world be flat like huge never ending disc that circle many questions

Skeletons Edit

The Source of life a little worried but he dances why and also why did they practice they don't have muscle either seems like when lost all of their flesh their bones got under

Blocks Edit

Normal Game but they blocks defy every single physics rule aren't normal Blocks

Ted who complains proving NPCS are Fully aware there Blocks surrouned by them even in old versions game when you started off on your adventure a brand new character appears game in Welcome to Block Story

Moria Edit

Who Built it goblins built how did they really dig in deep and then suddenly stop and start

Shadow Hunter Alchemist Edit

who hide facing first known as the shadow Hunter then named Alchemist it was man you always wanted to near he was selling in previous versions

Ted the Viking Edit

Wimpy Kid come over here bring me a boat now i'm a not talking about version Ted the Viking i'm Talking About in New Versions so viking huh i Thought Vikings were earth guess not this character like sands block story is smart lot story In Old Version are crashes Boat and was bitten shark in Newer Versions crashed boats

Xordaraxus Edit

Xordaraxus is a Dead Dragon was Mentioned storyline been seen in game Paula's Former Dragon was killed Dragon Lord When Player dies while Player alive

Mati Edit

Watched this video Xcellorator Block Story season 1 Purple glitch first real seen 9.0 beta when released onto Google Play Store i remember on first day into underworld closer to me i turned around only to see two giant Red Eyes no idea this Mythic Creature was these Eyes appeared Last Three Trailers