Training Dragon when dragon Lord Baby Lizard Return die from Forest Seen Camp was Destoryed

Quest Dragon Training

Paula the only female character in Block Story. She gives the player quests, such as bringing her Dragon spawners. She very much enjoys fighting and is a very skilled warrior. Mainly, her tasks are to do with levelling up your baby dragon.

Quest Paula gives Some Part Quests

One Quests Paula asked Player was Dragon Rider trainer Baby Dragon are Xordaraxus is a Dead Dragon in game that Mentioned been Seen in game was killed Dragon Lord he's dead or not see dragons come back from dead rider still Alive when Player fights Dragon and die comes back in game days Aaron ask kill Electric Dragon Ice Dragon and Dragon

Quests in Old Versions Edit

  • Monsters Protect House:​​ Collect Gold Ore Brick and Wood can buy Shadow Hunter building House
  • Another Attack:​​ Player was Builded House sees Werewolfs runs and Lock Doors Kill Werewolfs
  • Not Werewolf:​​ Wasn't Werewolf kill Black Werewolfs
  • Lost Warrior:​​ Aaron where's Capital Castle Collect Dragon Spawners
  • Pet Dragon:​​ Kill Four Electric Dragon collect Electrics
  • Evil Creatures:​​ Paula Became Old Dragon Pet Training with Player

Christmas version!Edit


Merry Christmas,Paula!

Since a update, Paula along with the other townies or NPCs will wear Christmas outfits to blend in for the immersion. The blue colour is very fresh! Paula will equip a candy cane sword but unfortunately, the player cannot acquire it.

Just what are you doing there?Edit


After hunting werewolves at her command, she thought it necessary to hunt more

Paula tends to give mundane and boring tasks such as killing werewolves two times in a row, levelling up your dragon fully, or find her a pet spoody (Which is more fun than the other tasks offered.)

Sometimes she is found in awkward positions, such as in the floor as seen in the image on the right.