The Replicator is a tool with the appearance of a rotating Stone Block on a Stick. It has the ability to duplicate any adjacent tile by ten. It works on most solid blocks. Each Replicator only has 5 uses before it breaks, however, it can be repaired at an Anvil quickly and cheaply.

It cannot replicate the Safebox or any items stored in it. This is done so that players cannot easily replicate rare end game items.

Crafting Edit

The Replicator's recipe is unlocked by completing the "Frog Leg Feast" achievement which requires 30 Shiva kills.

Replicators are crafted in the Crafting Table using 2 Sticks and 1 Mutagen.

Obtaining Edit

Aside from crafting, Replicators may be obtained by:

Tips Edit

  • Replicators can be used to obtain large quantities of resources in a short period of time.
  • The player can obtain a Replicator very early in the game if they collect a large amount of Gold Ore.
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