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Ted. is a Neutral Mob Viking Halfman Size similar Cow and head at Player Ted Gives Giant Part Quests

Bio of characterEdit

Ted is known as an NPC that issues quests and is rather helpful fighting monsters you have to run away from when you begin the adventure. He is often seen wandering your world whenever you start. He can't be lost, because there are lots of Teds wandering around, and Teds can have different names, and they are placed at the end of his name. 

Ted Spawns even Ocean with Viking Boat Ted not Spawn Hell and Sky World 

In Old Version Game Starting Game land out Adventures in game welcome to Block Story Ted asked Player when Ship Crushed in New Versions Can find Water Sank Crushed Ship 

In Old Versions Ted ask Player kill Great White when Crashed Boat bitten by Sharks are Vikings crash Boat from Old Version Game 

Ted how find get from Electric Dragon using Jetpack less likely need Ore can fly can only get them Aliens in Sky World how did Sky Land did Build Ted Wanted build Stairs that Something in sky that's right final theory Ted was Dragon Rider Vikings Respected Dragons they Boat with Dragon Heads known Source of life i mean Ted even Wizard 

Tips Edit

Can Complete Quest are can attack in Loading Screen World says Don't Attack Ted this one Much Strongest Mobs

Replicas Edit

I'm Tired Monsters when will Again Appear Night

Beware Ashkore! is very very Scary Nightmare in World

Made Blocks made Square lot Cubic where a are?

What Not Spawners When Made with Creatures

He He He Again Defeated

No Best Day today

Stupid Sharks be Careful and Beware

Was Days are Best

Quests In Old Versions Edit

Trainer Quest can be click Skip

  • Viking Ted:​​ Collect Woods and Return Castle
  • Wimpy Kid:​​ Collect Ores gives Swords
  • Ted is Hurt:​​ Hand hurt Collect Palms help with Doctor Nurses Ted's Wound Hand
  • Cleaning of Sea:​​ Uses Small Ship Kill Sharks
  • Quest in Atlantis:​​ Collect Ruby Block Glasses and Engine
  • Myth of Megalodon:​​ Player with Sword hurts Megalodon with Wound

Appearances Edit

Wearing Boots Pants and Clothes Holds Shield and Axe with Horn Helmet with 2 Feet tall his 37 Year old  
Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-41-38

Ted in 9.0

Trivia Edit

Originally Ted with Adult Size later Changed Small Size

At 2 Feet Tall making him character with dwarfism

Ted Boat is a Hidden Mob appeared Block Story added 12.0.5 find her creative Ted Boat uses Slow Times until 12.1.1 Update

Ted Boat are Spawn not only landing

Ted Boat have Expect Twice Stronger than Regular Viking Ted

His Two Vikings Ted is Regular when Helps gives Quest

Trivia Edit

Ted Gives Someting Quest on Fishing Unlocks Player's Help

Before 12.1.1 Update Ted Shot With Bullet Appears Slow Motion Glitch Disappears After Restart Game