Leveling up Edit

Dark mobs (e.g., skeletons) are excellent for leveling up both for you and your pets.

Once you get a few levels under your belt, Aragog is a low-difficulty boss that gives a ton of experience on a kill. A soul-catcher and a cage somewhere a little ways from your house can get you to higher levels in no time.

Quests Edit

If you get a quest where you are supposed to kill something, (e.g., kill 10 deer) then find one of that particular creature and get its spawner using a soulcatcher. (If it is something strong than you may have to wack it a little to have enough mana). Then take the spawner and place it a small distance from your house. (You don't want to get overrun by dark werewolves every time you leave your house) and ta-da! Infinite animals.

When you are done with the quest you can destroy the spawner and store it away for a dog or something (Optional).

Killing NPCs EasilyEdit

This one is how to kill NPSs easily such as Aaron, Paula, Ted, Alchemists, ect.

So, dig a 3x3 hole that is 2 blocks deep. Now hit the npc and jump in the hole. The npc will jump in to kill you. Now climb out. They are stuck. 

Now you will need some cactus. Approx 4 blocks cactus. Put the cactus in each corner of the hole. The cactus will start to kill the box and they will try to get away. They will turn around and walk into the wall. And get stuck.

Dead meat.

Now just wack them with your weapon until they die. They all give great stuff. Here's the key:

Arena Edit

Can be Grown Pets with Player fight Bosses and Enemies

Name of NPC Drop(s)
Aaron Sword, assorted warrior armor.


Hunting Knife
Alchemists Short Sword, , health potions, mana potions, apples
Ted Saw Shield, Gun, Gunpowder and Bullets
Mr. Goblin Sheepskin, Pickaxe (Iron and/or Goblin, commonly Iron)
Baby Goblin Nothing
Baby Hugo Nothing
Hugo Nothing
Goblin Warrior Goblin pickax, assorted goblin armor.
Angel Goblin Epic Sword

Aragog eyeEdit

Don't be fooled by mystic ring! Pointless! If you put your aragog eye on as a necklace with nothing done to it, it gives you like 8 extra mana (+300 mana) and never wears out!  

Farming Edit

In Block Story, farming mobs is a great way to get a lot of resources fast, especially using a similar strategy as used on NPC's. Here's a chart with some good farm "animals"

Mob Drops
Ice elemental 2-10 gold ore, 2-10 mana potions
Kraden or Dragonbat 1 dragon scale
Visitors 1-2 Fuel, 1-22 gravitons, 22 klorium (Slightly rare), 5-20 cryptonite, 1-3 jungle bush (basically useless)
Werewolf 1-2 chests
T-rex 1-10 meat, 1-5 sulfur, 1-5 cryptonite, 1-10 apples
Small bat 1-8 coal
Dark worm 1-5 bones, 1-5 ruby ore
Earth worm 1-5 bones, 1-5 iron ore
Ice worm 1-5 bones, 1-5 gold ore, 1-5 gunpowder