T-rex Edit

Tyrannosaurs Rex is a Boss in game

Quest Complete Gives Paula Aaron and Viking Ted

the Prehistoric Legend!Edit

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-34-15

Aaron is defending my town!

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-35-43

The goblin guard is helping me as I hides in my barricade.

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-34-53

Its still attacking!

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-36-28

Aerial view of the stoopid T-Rex.And my goblin friend is still slapping it.

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-37-55

It is dying!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

The T-Rex is a dinosaur that roams the plains biome. It can also spawn in the Jungle. Be aware new players, for this isn't a foe you wish to be challenging at a low level.


  1. Attack=100+
  2. Armor=0
  3. HP=2000+
  4. Magic=N/A
  5. Attack style=Bites and swings violently.






Trivia Edit

Tyrannosaurus Rex Makes cameo in Cubica Game when Developers Drawn this mob Present is an Image of the Prototype of this Boss