The Underworld is a Hellish landscape full of lava and fire hazards. It can be found if the player travels deep enough underground until they eventually fall down into the firey domain.


A stone landscapes mainly consisting of small mountains. Fire blocks forming a tree-like formation can be found in patches scattered about, while lava lakes flow every here and there.


  • Sulpher
  • Unobtainium
  • Coal
  • Iron


  • Dragon - Rather common, these fire-breathing beasts are stronger than their icy counterpart. Mini boss.
  • Dark Worms - Rather common, they can be quite annoying.
  • Dark Knights - Skeletons with swords.
  • Dark Slasher - Skeletons with more swords.
  • Dark Mage - Magic skeletons.
  • The Dark BOSS - A giant, dancing skeleton lord. It is the only boss the underworld has to offer.
  • Barlogs - The firey, demonic form of Ice Elementals and Source of Life.
  • Dancing Skeleton Talky - Yellow mobs, great shields to hide behind incase a Dragon had decided to target you.