The unobtainium blockEdit

Koakuma tutorial blockstory intro

Welcome to mining tutorial!

Welcome to my guide about how to discover and mine the precious mineral as known as unobtainum block. In this section,I shall teach you about it's appearance,whereabouts and uses.

What does it look like?Edit


The most precious one is in the middle

As seen in the picture,the unobtainium block is very rare and is found individually in most cases and surrounded by less valuable blocks. Just in case if you were asking about what is that brownish grainy looking block? It is actually the granite block. How about the yellow one? Sulfur is the answer. But  both of these aforementioned blocks are irrevelant for now. The unobtainum block looks like titanium ore in real life? Can't miss it if saw one.

Where do you find it?Edit


Welcome to the Netherworld!!!

Obviously,where the fire dragon and the undead lives. You will just have to search the ground and risk being killed by those infernal monsters. The picture here is a flaming tree in the Nether and that lava pool thingy is one of the structures of my devil tower.(Don't worry,I will create a tutorial on how to find epic towers and such for you all.)

What unobtainium is useful for?Edit

Unobtainium is used for creating useful items such as Goblin Pickaxe, several armors, and the ring, My Precious. It can be smelt in a furnace and turned into ingots.