Wizard is a Strongest NPC and Neutral Mob from Block Story Killed Spiders give Pet Dragon and Paula Quest Defeat Dragon Lord

Ted speaks this Old Crazy Wizard





Wizard in Action 10.0 Update

Never Attacking Wizard for Dark Magic he's Heals!!!

Was Added in 10.0 Update in Old Version he's no

Appearance Edit

Wizard on View with 50-70 year old on Attack uses Magic uses Staff even Though Sword not attack Wears Hat

Bio and Quests Edit

Wizard sees Player when walking 10 blocks look and Jump break block collect Bark Create Planks and Stick Collect Ore Create Torch and Crafting Table Collect Stones Make Sword Kill Spiders give dragon

Crafting Tools are Click Recipe Book Collect Spider Venom Ted speak collect Iron Ore Make Iron Tools and Items collect blocks Make City Ores Collect Items for Good Home

Trivia Edit

It's Unknown Wizard adding from Cubica at Future Updates or not

Can Attack Player same Hits

Originally Wizard with White Beard and Hair with 87 years old later changed 50 year old

Spoilers Edit

Wizard is Dragon Lord who will betray you after you gave him all the Dragon Spawner. Him and the 3 Dragons will fight you at the same time.